Day 3

It’s time to find some of the real Bali. We wanted culture, art, temples…a place to find serenity. Ubud beckoned.

Kupu Kupu Barong Villa and Tree Spa retreat is a secluded resort built on a hillside with great views of the Ayung river and breathtaking natural surroundings.  With an amazing view of the valley below, surrounded by rice field, temples. This was the Bali we’d come to see.

Travel Ubud Bali vacation tips

Some say that Julia Roberts (Ubud was the spiritual home in Eat, Pray,Love) is responsible for putting Ubud on the map and they may add that the onslaught of tourism may have spoilt Ubud, but I would disagree.  Despite its popularity, Ubud has managed to retain it’s culture and serenity.

Ubud is located in central Bali, located among rice fields and steep ravines, small farms and dense forest.  Temples are plentiful and shrines to Hindu gods are on almost every corner. It is also Bali’s major art and cultural center. Did i mention Ubud has a Royal palace, oh and it has tons of great restaurants, and shops.  So what isn’t there to love!
Travel Ubud Bali vacation tips

Bali travel tips Ubud Semanyak

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