Which type of bohemian are you? When you think of a bohemian bedroom do you think…..

bedroom interior bright vibrant colours

a bright vibrant clash of contrasting colours…


Or an exotic mix of Eastern promise


Luxe bedroom fabrics and textures

Luxe Bohemian


colonial style home interior

or old style colonial

Add texture to small bedroom spaces

small, compact and bijou

boho-style home interior

Or romantic, delicate and pretty. Think lace and delicate textures.

vintage home interior

Do you crave a vintage vibe?


Neutral shades with a boho touch

or lust after a modern bohemian twist?  Think a simple cool grey pallete.

bold jewelled fabrics home interior

Play with bold jewelled fabrics

           Or does it even need to be a bedroom. How about a bohemian day sofa!

Moroccan inspired home

Escape in a Moroccan inspired hideaway

Or maybe layer  rugs and throw down some cushions…….

Hammock home interior

Or just hang out in a hammock!

or just hang out in a hammock…

Whats your Bohemian style?

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