The ladies Balmain for H&M collection goes on sale in store at the Villagio shopping mall, Qatar, November 5th at 8:00am – Don’t say we didn’t warn you!…Alphabet Lifestyle Top Tip: For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their living room, the collection will be available online from 9am GMT. BALMAIN x H&M collection Doha Qatar Middle East

Left: Jordan Dunn wearing the BALMAIN x H&M black & gold top with braided embroidery (QAR 499), Middle: Kendal Jenner in fitted silk blend beaded velvet dress (QAR 2199). Right: Gigi Hadid in the stunnning beaded velvet blouse (QAR 1799)

To avoid the anticipated shopping frenzy and panic purchasing, we advise that you plan ahead before you shop. You can view the whole collection in our previous ‘Balmain x H&M – full lookbook preview!’ post or simply follow our guide on what to shop.

Key pieces to snap up are the chic velvet tuxedo (QAR 799) and silk-satin suit trousers (QAR 399) as modeled below on Kendall Jenner – the classic tailored pieces will never go out of style. Complete the look with the multistrand necklace (QAR 399) and metal-decorated leather belt (QAR 249) for that supermodel je ne sais quoi! BALMAIN x H&M collection Doha Qatar Middle East BALMAIN x H&M collection Doha Qatar Middle East

We are obsessed with the BALMAIN x H&M waistcoat with satin lapels as seen on Jordan Dunn, (QAR 499).

The party season will soon be upon us (we don’t mean to panic you but there’s only 7 more Friday’s till Christmas!) so be one-step ahead and take your festival style to the next level with these showstopping dresses – you can also layer over trousers for a sophisticated look. BALMAIN x H&M collection Doha Qatar Middle East

Joan Smalls in BALMAIN x H&M sequin-embroidered dress (Bonus points: the dress has a concealed silicone trim around the neckline to hold the dress in place!) (QAR 799) BALMAIN x H&M collection Doha Qatar Middle East

Kendall Jenner in BALMAIN x H&M gently tailored velvet jacket made from silk and embroidered with beads and sparkly stones (QAR 1999). Complete the full look with the super sexy suede thigh boots (QAR 1299).

SERIOUS fashionista N.B: H&M have placed a strict rule upon the #BALMAINARMY which limits shoppers to purchase only one piece of each item in the collection – that rule goes for clothing, shoes and accessories, and a measly 10 minutes in store to shop the range.

So plan ahead, stay focused…and don’t forget your whistle!!! BALMAIN x H&M collection Doha Qatar Middle East

For more information follow H&M Qatar on Twitter here and follow our instagram @alphabetlifestyle account to see what pieces we pick up tomorrow!

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