Forget teddy bear and chocolates. Be original, buy original, and say I love you with an original art piece from Saatchi Art onlineHere is a selection of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for those that deserve something unique…

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‘SEXY GIRL WITH A GUN ABSTRACT ‘ by Cherie Steinberg

Buy saatchi art online Click to order 'Sexy Girl with a gun' by Cherie Steinberg

Click to order ‘Sexy Girl with a gun’ by Cherie Steinberg – Prints from $140 >

‘Lovers’ by Pedro Abreu 

Saatchi Art Lovers Pedro Abreu Shop Now

Click to order ‘Lovers by Pedro Abreu’ – $800  > 

‘We say YES’ by Hennie van de Lande

NUDE 4130 from the series “las mujeres transparentes” by Michael Lentz

Shop Saatchi art Nude by Michael Lentz

Click to order ‘Nude’ by Michael Lentz – $250 >

‘Selene 6’ by Juliana Do

Click to order ‘Selene 6’ by Juliana Do – $4,600 >

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