+ Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Small Apartment Top Tips: No wardrobe, No worries!

Are you struggling to find space for a wardrobe?  These inspirational clothes storage ideas make us want to throw out our wardrobes and make our clothes and accessories part of the room decor. Very on trend. What do you think?

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Image via digsdigs.com

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Image via Apartment Therapy

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Apartment Therapy

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Image via My Interior Inspiration

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Image via Home Decorating Trends

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment


For small apartment storage tips

Image via smart schoolhouse.com

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Wardrobe home storage ideas small apartment

Image via flemarie.fr

Introducing Alphabet Lifestyle Resort Wear

Luxury swimwear

Langkawi, Malaysia

Who wouldn’t be excited to spend the New Year holiday in Langkawi with family? Langkawi lies amidst over 100 mountain islands just off the coast of mainland Malaysia. The interior of the main island is a fusion of paddy fields and jungle-clad hills. Despite attracting luxurious 5star hotels, the island has managed to maintain an idyllic rural Malaysian island vibe.

Getting there…

We travelled from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur, spending two incredible nights visiting street markets and temples such as the Batu Caves – an iconic Hindu temple and shrine.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Alor Street Food Market

Try the street food at Jalan Alor street markets

Langkawi is just a short 2hr flight from KL. An alternative route is via Thailand. Ferris, from as little as £20 sail from KohLipe Koh Lanta and some of the other southern islands of Thailand.Langkawi


Waking up on our first morning to beautiful white sandy beaches, it was hard to drag ourselves away, so Day 1 was spent literally lounging around.

The Datai Bay, Langkawi

The Datai Bay, Langkawi

Feeling rested, we visited local shops, restaurants, craft stalls and our favourite night market in Pantai Cenang.

Langkawi night market


Visit Cenang for local food, cheap massages, reflexology and local gifts to bring home.

Langkawi night market food

Most of the beach front hotels collect their fish deliveries every morning from local fishermen. We were able to pick our fish straight from the boat and book our table from the beach.

Jala restaurant langkawi malaysia

Try the fresh fish at the seafront Jala restaurant within The Andaman hotel

Local fishermen delivering food to The Andaman hotel

Local fishermen delivering food to The Andaman hotel

A not to be missed attraction is the Langkawi SkyBridge; the longest free-span and curved bridge in the world!  The SkyBridge can be accessed via a cable car ride 2.2km up to the Mount Machinchang escarpment to the summit at 708 metres above sea level to see the incredible views of the island and UNESCO Geopark.

Cable car to the Langkawi SkyBridge

Breathtaking views of 550 million-year-old sandstone outcrops, waterfalls and Langkawi’s rainforest – one of the oldest jungles in the world.

Langkawi skybridge cable car views

Skybridge - Langkawi

Explore some of the beautiful beaches. We recommend visiting the Tanjung Rhu beach located in the north of the island and our the idyllic beach at the Datai Bay with white sands and crystal clear waters.  Take lunch at the Andaman Hotel or The Datai and visit the Geo Spa at the Four Seasons hotel on Tanjung Rhu.

The Datai Bay beach

The Datai bay beach


Four Seasons spa

If you are looking for activity and water sports then head to Chenang Beach where you can find all the usual water sports, including a jet ski adventure that takes you through some of the island caves, mangroves, eagle feeding and dophin spotting. The only way to see some of these cast away beaches is by jetski or boat, so you really need to book on a local trip and go see.


Play golf at the The Els Club Teluk Datai, arguably one of the best courses in Malaysia. We had to chase monkeys from the greens before putting out, and a friendly dog kindly chased off a monitor lizard from the fairway! Where else can you find animal adventures on a golf coast?!

Monkey Langkawi Els Golf Club

monitor lizard langkawi


+ Ian Simpson architect manchester luxury lifestyle

Penthouse Architecture: Ian Simpson

This week we’re coveting renowned architect Ian Simpson’s amazing Manchester Penthouse, set on the 47th floor of the Beetham Tower.

Designed by Simpson himself, the 2 storey apartment complex covers the top 2 floors of this incredible Manchester landmark and boasts an amazing olive garden consisting of 30 spectacular trees and a 23-foot tall garden. It really is an incredible home!

Let us know what you think below.


Get The Look: 10 ways to style a tan leather sofa

Whether you’re loving a cool and modern look or a bohemian eclectic look, the tan leather sofa is making a big statement. If I had to choose my one time favourite home essential it would be this timeless piece of furniture. A great investment piece, it will see you through many years And through different style changes. There’s something warm and comforting about an aged leather sofa. It manages to be sleek and stylish while there’s still something warm and comforting about its timeless elegance.  And what’s more, you can relax with the knowledge that it’s only going to get better with age.

Tan leather sofa large interior space high ceilings

2016 HKLIVING catalogue photographed by Paulina Arcklin

Tan leather sofa home interiors

Add large artwork, grey walls and a handcrafted rug to create drama

Sleek, timeless and stylish!

Pair a classic Chesterfield design with neutral accessories for a modern look.

Tan leather sofa black and white photography

Saved from planete-decor.fr

Tan leather sofa black and white artwork

…Or create contrast with black and white images.

You don’t want to invest in a new sofa? Easy – simply update your room by adding a classic accessory in tan leather or try a footstool…

Tan leather


…or a modern leather chair.

Interior design ideas tan leather sofa textures cushions

Introduce vintage accessories for a bohemian vibe, or mix dark colours and luxe fabrics to create a rich elegant look.

Interior design ideas tan leather sofa

Share your thoughts below!


Create a meditation space

It takes only a few basic elements to create a peaceful zen space for yoga, meditating and relaxation.

Find a quiet space, add comfortable cushions or a yoga mat, candles, a source of natural light and ideally, a collection of your favourite things to focus your mind. Experiment with scents and essential oils, personally, I like to burn sage or incense. Add ambient sounds, download the sounds of flowing water or relaxing music and include natural elements like pebbles, small rocks, flowers and plants.

The space doesn’t need to be lavish, keep out the clutter and keep it simple. Design the space to meet your own particular needs and create a sanctuary.

yoga, meditation, relaxation, retreat, home decor, interior design Meditation room interior ideas

Meditation room interior ideas Aztec patterns and fabrics

feng shui, interior design, relaxing space, retreat, meditation room relaxation room, yoga retreat, meditation, peaceful rooms, calming design

meditation room interior design ideas

yoga, meditation, home interior home interior, interior design, yoga, meditation, photography, relaxing spaces

buddha, yoga, indoor plants, crystals, meditation, peaceful, designs feng shui, meditation rooms, yoga retreat, inspiration

boho interior, bohemian designs, moroccan, yoga, retreat

Images via Etsy, Homebnc, design inspiration.net, bohemian pages.blogspot.co.uk, http://www.lovemaegan.com


5 steps to Feng Shui your bedroom

Let’s keep the chi flowing and deflect negative energy from our bedrooms.

  1. Consider the positioning of your bed. Try to position the bed with space around it, away from the door and preferably not along a wall allowing space either side but ideally with the headboard against a wall. Your bed should be approachable from both sides.

Allow the Chi to circulate.

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors

2. Carefully consider the colours. Get to know the Feng Shui colour wheel.

Earth tones will bring nourishment, protection and stability into your life. Feng shui earth tones include light yellow, creams, green and beige.

‘Metal’ colours bring the qualities of precision, clarity and efficiency. Element colours include grey and white.

Pastel colours are believed to add peace, calm and restfulness. Consider decorating with light blue and pale pink.

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors

The Feng Shui colour wheel Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors

The Feng Shui colour wheel

Add a strong fire colour element for passion and energy. The Feng Shui fire elements include red, orange and purple.

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors

3. Lighting: Avoid brash lighting or ceiling lighting over your bed.

Instead, place side tables and lamps either side of the bed, remember, according to Feng Shui, decorating with pairs will create intimacy. Ideally create soft lighting with candles, giving the room a warm glow and bringing Feng shui fire elements into the bedroom.

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors
Allow as much natural light as you can into the bedroom and open the windows regularly, refreshing the air. You may be surprised to hear that often the indoor pollution is worse than that outdoors.

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors

Using the right placement of mirrors can bring energy to the space and create more light. Natural light will revive the energy in your room.

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors
4. Create a peaceful meditation space. See blog post (how to create a meditation space).

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors

5.  And finally, get rid of any clutter and remove the gadgets!

TVs, computers and electronic equipment don’t belong in the bedroom. After all, we’re trying to create a room where we can rest and relax.

Steps to Feng Shui your bedroom home interiors

What are your tips for a feng shui bedroom? Let us know below.


Sunday Mood Board – Life is better in Pink


Brighten your home with an original piece of artwork

Brighten your home with an original piece of art work by Sandy Welch, an artist from West Hartland, Connecticut, USA.

“Painting is vital to my life. I paint from a youthful, fresh, feminine and passionate perspective. Summer is my mirror, and fashion is my muse. The many faces and inner beauty of women fascinate me. I’m excited by the beauty that surrounds me. This is how I choose to create my life and my art”.


‘Isn’t it Romantic’ by Sandy Welch


‘Belle Fleur’


‘A Splash of 5’




‘J’aime La Vie!’


‘I Love You Joan’


‘Sweet-Heart ‘


‘Shoe Strings’


Inspired by her love of the world of fashion, she creates images filled with the colours of summer. To see more of her work, visit her website here

Sandy Welch’s artwork can also be purchased at Sattchi Art.


See our favourite 10 budget IKEA pieces making stylish statements


  1. Add a glass top to inexpensive kitchen units to make stylish display cabinets.

Saved from studiokarin.com

2. Add a touch of elegance to an all white bedroom with the infamous ‘Malm’ drawers.

3. Divide a room using this ‘Lack’ bookcase and create more display space.

Saved from

4. Turn the infamous ‘Billy’ bookcase into a stylish statement piece.

saved from bloglovin

saved from bloglovin

5. Add drama to a small bedroom with the ‘Songe’ mirror and a ‘Lappljung’ rug.



Saved from MyDomaine.com

6. See how to create a library wall with the ‘Billy’ bookcase at BlissatHome.com


7. Stack ‘Kallax’ shelving units to form a stylish bookcase.



8. See how to transform an IKEA coffee table at simpledetailsblog.blogspot


9. Add the finishing touch to a simple room decor with a ‘Stockholm’ striped rug.



10. Create a useful and stylish bedroom side table with the ‘Alex’ drawer unit.


Is it time to revisit http://www.ikea.com  ? What do you think?


Steve McCurry for Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The afghan girl - Steve McCurry, National Geographic

The Afghan Girl – Steve McCurry, National Geographic

We were all mesmerised by US photographer Steve McCurry’s iconic image ‘Afghan Girl’ for National Geographic, so when we heard that he’d recently shot the 2016 Spring/Summer Valentino collection, we couldn’t wait to see the results. McCurry shot the African inspired collection in a Maasai village between Kenya and Tanzania, and as expected, the results are spectacular.

McCurry is renowned as a prestigious culture photographer, not a fashion photographer and as such he has majestically captured fashion and beauty and its interaction with the African culture.

Simply stunning! X



image image




For more images see, check out McCurry books or follow his blog


For Valentino see http://www.valentino.com



Small Balcony Spaces

Seriously, who knew that so much could be created in such tiny spaces. Here are our favourite small balconies.

Image credits:Casa Claudia Magazine

Image Credits:Teresa Sapey Architecture

Saved from digs digs.com

Small bistro set and bamboo planting Saved from Planete Deco

A splash of yellow!

Image credits: Casa Claudia

Source: IKEA

Bohemian Terrace Source: Decorar Mi Casa Source:

Budget balcony makeover @thelifeofanaturaldisaster

Erica Reitman’s Boho Apartment

Create a bohemian hangout


Create a balcony garden

image image