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Celebrating Diversity

With so much ignorance and anger in the world today, we want to take a moment to appreciate & celebrate cultural diversity and our own individual uniqueness, heritage and journey through life. In the words of Michelle Obama “When they go low…we go high”…  


Steve McCurry for Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

We were all mesmerised by US photographer Steve McCurry’s iconic image ‘Afghan Girl’ for National Geographic, so when we heard that he’d recently shot the 2016 Spring/Summer Valentino collection, we couldn’t wait to see the results. McCurry shot the African inspired collection in a Maasai village between Kenya and Tanzania, and as expected, the results are spectacular. McCurry is renowned as a prestigious culture … Read More Steve McCurry for Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


Featured Photographer – Vadim Stein

Vadim Stein is a Ukrainian photographer. Born in Kiev, Stein studied sculptural restoration and worked for many years in theatre. Stein captures remarkable images of the strength and beauty of the natural body form. Simply stunning. To see more of Vadim Stein’s creationsย click here.

+ https://alphabetlifestyle.com/2016/02/06/smile/


Do you ever stumble across a photo that just makes you smile? ๐Ÿ˜€ See more images by Mata Arif here.    


Featured photographer: David Lazar

David Lazar: an award winning travel photographer and musician from Brisbane, Australia. While looking for inspiration I came across this amazing photographer who captures beautiful images of locations and people that are rich in culture from around the world. His website provides his viewers with a glimpse into his travels along with some of the stories behind the photos. David Lazar has contributed images … Read More Featured photographer: David Lazar

The Human Race

A beautiful collection of cultural images taken from http://arteide.org/it Source:ย http://arteide.org/itย 


……And all that jazz!

“The real power of Jazz is that a group of people can come together and create improvised art and negotiate their agendas… and that negotiation is the art” – Wynton Marsalis from ‘Jazz, a film by Ken Burns.’      


10 Great smiles from around The World